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If you think that you have the most fanciful and artful design elements in your landscape, then think again. They might be good but not the best. And your visitors deserve the absolute best. This is exactly what our selection of artificial preserved topiary is. Some of the most sculptural and stately decorative accents, our artificial preserved topiaries have a delightful personality which will help you create the most appealing commercial space. A statement of sophistication and whimsy, topiaries have always stood for grace and distinctness and this is exactly what our preserved topiaries signify. Capturing the striking art, beauty and enigma of topiaries, we have crafted this collection to be a defining aspect of your commercial project. Our preserved topiary is processed through our proprietary preservation solution allowing us to preserve the plant and its colors and natural beauty in the perfect state. One of the easiest, practical and elegant way to style up your landscape, our collection of artificial preserved topiary have evolved as a favorite element amongst business owners and designers. Relaxing and fun at the same time, topiaries add beautiful color, energy and boldness to a landscape and this is exactly what our silk preserved topiaries will bring to your setting. They will make your space warm and cozy and will lend a refreshing persona to it. Whether you bring it in your restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, airports, healthcare or senior living facilities, colleges, offices or any other commercial project, these fake preserved topiaries will bring beauty, functionality and a timeless charm in the setting.

From preserved boxwood balls to preserved boxwood ball topiaries, cone topiaries to preserved Celosia balls, we have a large variety of bold and refreshing topiary trees and plants which mimic their real counterparts perfectly. Our preserved topiary plants and trees are crafted using premium quality material which makes them absolutely realistic. They are durable with a touch of whimsy, do not require any sort of maintenance and will spark the imagination in your commercial landscaping project till times to come. Exciting and full of character, our collection of preserved faux topiary is so magical and charming that your visitors won’t stop looking at them. A scintillating green cover for your business space, if you want to bring in a joyous spirit in your setting, then nothing comes better than these topiaries. You can never go wrong with them.