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Preserved plants are the most authentic and realistic product line manufactured by Commercial Silk International. While we have perfected the manufacturing or our artificial plants made from synthetic materials, nothing quite compares in realism to our preserved plants. Each preserved plant is created through a process where we systemically "freeze" all the natural characteristics of the plant in its living stage. Using our proprietary preservation formulation, we are able to preserve plants in a state that replicates the living variety. We are also able to manufacture our preserved plants fire retardant which gives plantscape contractors a product that is compliant with building fire codes. Finally, each of our commercial grade preserved products are hand-crated in varying sizes, but we also can custom manufacture preserved plants to meet nearly any specification.

We invite you to explore our entire line of preserved plant and tree products and hope you will consider Commercial Silk International for your next project.

If you think that you’ve got the ideal business space, then let us stop you for a second. Even the best can be made better. Here’s something which will add spice and perfection to your commercial landscape – our Preserved Plants. Calm, cool and tranquil, our Preserved Plants consist of real plant material and will bring nature to your indoor and outdoor landscape without much hassle. All our Preserved Plants and Trees boast of natural features of foliage which we have systemically added to our plants after freezing them. No matter where you display them, these artificial plants will be a striking presence in the setting and will bring picturesque looks to the space without sacrificing style and function.

Plants not only add a finishing touch to the setting but their relaxing color and mere presence brings serenity and a joyous vibe to the space. And this is exactly what our Preserved Plants will bring to the setting. From Preserved Asparagus to Boxwood, Preserved Cypress to Grass, Lavender to Magnolia , we have a wide selection of Preserved plant material which will bring natural freshness and relaxing feel to any setting. Whether you’re looking for plants or balls, topiaries to bouquets, we have Preserved plants in a variety of styles and forms and will light your space and make everyone smile.

Whether you’re an office or corporate space, healthcare or hospitality space, theme park or amusement park, entertainment facility or senior living, casinos, malls, exhibitions, trade shows, airports, college or any other commercial space, our silk plants will add a rejuvenating to it. These plants are crafted from premium quality material and as such they look extremely lifelike. Featuring a mesmerizing appearance with high durability, our Preserved plants do not require constant upkeep and will be a standout presence in the landscape till times to come.

Landscape accents which will add drama and large-scale beauty to any setting, these faux plants will cheer up the space no matter where you place them. Design elements which will make a lasting impression on all your visitors and customers, our Preserved Plants are perfect anywhere and will complement your décor style.