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Often regarded as the epitome of tropical spaces and refreshing vibe, Palm Trees look like they have arrived straight from the fantasy world. So shapely, so rejuvenating and just so appealing. Some of the most sculptural elements of the natural world, Palm has the ability to conjure calm and breezy vibes in any setting. They’re tropical masterpieces which will set the perfect cool tone in any space. If you’re considering adding some to your tropical landscape or other landscape project, then have a look at our wonderful collection of Preserved Palm Fronds. Minimal, gorgeously arching, delightful fronds which will bring a sense of tranquility in any setting, these Preserved Palm Fronds are created from real plant material and preserved using a solution. With these Preserved Palms you’re assured of natural beauty and appeal without any of the maintenance that comes with the real Palm.

Features of Our Preserved Palm Frond Collection

Our Preserved Palm Tree leaves have a pretty natural touch and appeal which makes them a special introduction in any space. They have fresh appeal, gorgeous color, and rejuvenating aura of the real Palm minus the maintenance aspect. Since, real palm trees require specific indoor conditions for their survival and hence, increased costs, these Preserved Palm Leaves are quite popular among business-owners. They bring all the charm and elegance without any hassle.

From Preserved Date Palm to Washingtonia Robusta to Coconut Palm Trees, we have a large and highly sophisticated collection of Preserved Palm which will give you an iconic setting in no time.

Where to Use Preserved Palm Fronds?

From creating your own palm plants and trees to using them in your floral arrangement for an added tropical flavor, from bringing in a sultry vibe to your compact, small space to using them as ground cover in your theme or landscape design, there are just so many ways to use our striking Preserved Palm Leaves. No matter how or where you use them, with these elements you are assured of a spectacularly picturesque scene season after season.

Appealing, Eye-Catching Preserved Palm Leaves for Commercial Spaces

Crafted from premium quality material, our fronds are created with care and attention to details. Highly stylish, lifelike and durable accents, these gorgeous palm accessories do not require any sort of constant upkeep and will bring a rich, premium look to the setting. They will be splendid additions to any landscape and will give you an exhilarating, impressive space season after season. They are perfect for display in a range of commercial spaces including offices and corporate buildings, retail stores, shopping malls, hospitality spaces, amusement parks, museums and exhibitions, exotic display rooms, casinos, theme parks, airports, schools and colleges, and others.

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