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Every commercial space is different. From the business niche to the culture, the demographics they attract to the mood and vibe they want to create, everything varies from one to another. Hence, various design schemes and landscaping goals. You need artificial plants and trees that will fit in beautifully in your plan and serve the purpose. And for this reason, we offer custom artificial plants. Whether you’re looking to create a striking outdoor landscape or want to bring some privacy in the setting, want to create hedges or you want to create an elaborate theme or landscape, we will create custom artificial plants absolutely tailored to your space and what you want to achieve from your design scheme.

Why to Buy Custom Artificial Plants?

Well, custom is exclusive, isn’t it? Crafted just for you and to fit your needs. From the right size to the ideal style and shape, custom made silk plants will fit in perfectly in your interior or exterior landscape design and style it up. And this is particularly helpful of you’re working on some special project and require accurate solutions which blend in your vision and give you the desired outcome. At Commercial Silk International, we have created custom silk plants and trees for our clients in every business vertical and our dedicated team of designers and architects have worked with project managers to create tailor-made greenery that realizes the client’s dream project.

What Is the Range of Custom Faux Plants?

From desktop silk plants to floor plants, artificial privacy screens and hedges to hanging plants, silk palm plants, and trees to flowering trees, faux green walls to flower arrangements, our team will craft custom faux plants and flowers in any scale and style. We also offer custom fire retardant faux plants and custom fade resistant artificial plants that will give you a safe and year-round appealing landscape. Get in touch with our team for your custom and wholesale artificial plant requirements.

Where to Use Custom Silk Plants?

From offices and corporate buildings to retail stores, shopping malls to hospitality spaces, amusement parks, museums and exhibitions, exotic display rooms, casinos, theme parks, airports, schools and colleges, and others, you can use our custom faux greenery in any commercial space to make it livelier, brighter.

High Quality Custom Fake Plants for Offices

Crafted from premium quality material, our custom fake plants are created with extreme care and attention to details. Highly stylish, lifelike and durable accents, these delightful decorative plants and trees do not require any sort of constant upkeep and will bring a rich, premium look to the setting. They will be splendid additions to any landscape and will give you an exhilarating, impressive space season after season.