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Artificial Vines and Grasses for Commercial Space

Just like everything else in life, our décor needs a fresh outlook from time to time. Especially in case of commercial décor where you need to get rid of dated furnishings which are contributing to a dull and predictable ambiance. You need to ensure the introduction of decorative elements which are an upgrade from the previous ones and will help you create a fresh, new environment. And if you’re looking for such decorative accessories which will help you craft an interior space which is brighter and better than your existing one, then we have something for you – a collection of artificial vines. Lush, refreshing and highly energetic, our collection of artificial vines and grasses will elevate your commercial space on a different level altogether. A great way to create a fun-filled space which will rejuvenate everyone, they will cheer up the landscape.

Indoor + Outdoor Silk Vines & Grass Plants

Whether you have a contemporary, modern or traditional space, interiors consisting of foliage have an incredibly polished look. And when you have our silk vines and grass in your space, you will see the style quotient of your setting go up. They have a really classy and fun feel and will set an appealing and intriguing tone for your space. Add them to your existing landscape or create a new theme using them, these faux vines and grasses mimic the perfect look of their real counterpart and will enliven your setting. Highly suited to any furnishing style, our fake vine and grass are crafted especially for commercial spaces and will light up your setting in fresh and unexpected ways. Use them as ground cover, in your planters, existing landscapes or as accent foliages, our faux garlands and grasses will complement your space beautifully. 

Our Collection of Artificial Vines & Grass Plants

From the stylish artificial Algerian Ivy Vine to the charming Asparagus Fern, from Beach and Beargrass to Moss rocks and balls, we have a wonderful supporting cast for your commercial landscape. Crafted from premium quality material, these silk vines and grasses look lifelike and do not require any sort of maintenance. 

Why Buy Fake Grass and Vine Plants from Commercial Silk Int’l?

If you’re looking to bring an elegant and refreshing look to your commercial interior space, then nothing works better than our artificial vine grass. Whether you introduce them in your space as a relaxing backdrop or craft a living wall, use them in your beauty salon, retail store or office space, restaurant or hotels or any commercial project, they have a rich look and feel and will bring a surprisingly dramatic view in the landscape.

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